Blast from the past: Miyazaki doesn’t love moetrash

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Acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki let audiences know how he really feels about the anime industry in a recent television interview. According to the recent retiree, anime suffers because industry staff is made up of otaku who “don’t spend time watching real people” and are “humans who can’t stand looking at other humans.”

Miyazaki explained that animating people can only be done by those who spend time observing others, something he feels the industry lacks because it’s “full of otaku.”

Miyazaki is not known for biting his tongue. Other things Miyazaki doesn’t like include:

The Abe Administration, the Iraq War, and the iPad, for which he compared the gestures to masturbation.

Yeah, it’s from about a year ago, so I can’t call it “news,” but I’ve been feeling a lot of dislike for moe lately, so I felt a need to cite some precedent.

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