Legend of Galactic cynicism





I have various criticisms of Legend of Galactic Heroes, but at least it has substance.

By comparison, here’s some modern anime makers talking about modern anime, which elevates style over substance:

cancer killing the anime industry

5 thoughts on “Legend of Galactic cynicism”

  1. On my yearly run through of the series just since you started watching it. I dunno how far you’ve gotten, but there have been a few preachy parts, but they’re preachy and substantive. I have a few I’m directly lifting for use in a Space Nation roleplay, because it fits so well.

    If only contemporary anime can do the same. As much as I enjoy Kantai Collection, it’s enjoyment due to the fact I’m a player, and nothing else.


  2. It can be like that. The one I’m in is play-by-post in a forum, and is more of a story/narrative driven thing. I believe there are some d20 systems that can support such a game.

    But basically, you are now the Space Kingdom of Whateveristan, and you are to somehow either coexist with your fellows in the galaxy (players or NPCs), or subjugate them all.


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