Olaf Stapledon and C. S. Lewis – two prigs in a pod

Olaf Stapledon was a self-righteous agnostic; C.S.Lewis was a self-righteous Protestant.

Their writings are like mirror images of self-righteousness.

I don’t blame them for being self-righteous; certainly I expect other people to see me as self-righteous also.



  1. medievalotaku · June 8, 2015

    I don’t know about Olaf Stapledon, but C. S. Lewis rather feels self-forgetful rather than self-righteous. Occasionally, some people would quote something from his works, and he would say, “That’s beautiful. Who wrote it?” And then, would be surprised to have his interlocutor say that he had quoted Lewis. Lewis also considered himself the least interesting being in creation. Though Lewis really believed that the Faith and his philosophy were true, he’s also known for discussing the great limitations on human knowledge.

    At any rate, C. S. Lewis doesn’t have that smugness usually connotated by the word self-righteous, even though he certainly believed that what he wrote was true.


    • gaikokumaniakku · June 8, 2015

      This deserves a better argument than I can presently make.

      My assessments of both Lewis and Stapledon are highly subjective, and I should tease out the details of my impressions before I try to argue.


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