Hollywood celebrates promiscuity in order to trick losers into embracing the cuckoldry fetish



TVTropes seems to have a very low opinion of the “Defiled Forever” trope, and seems to promote Author Tracts that proudly preach “My Girl Is A Slut.”

I had previously said that most of the fiction I notice seems to revolve around virgin romance
. That reflects a certain narrowness of vision on my part. I’m not willing to sit through bad art such as Sex and the City just to get a well-rounded notion of what sort of popular entertainment promotes promiscuity.

In some cases, the “My Girl is a Slut” trope is a celebration of sluttiness. In other cases, it can be used to criticize men who buy into the “sexual liberation” propaganda.

The Venture Bros. episode ‘The Buddy System’ uses this as a basis for a joke, explicitly stating that The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend have actually experimented with this at some point in the past. It should be noted that it was the Monarch’s idea (and felt awkward afterwards). He did seem to be turned on when she was seducing Doctor Venture.
• This aspect of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend’s relationship was also brought up previously in “Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean.” The Monarch keeps Brock and Hank as collateral, but Dr. Girlfriend assumes that they’re in the cocoon for very different reasons: “I guess the muscular one is alright, but the boy is going too far. Can’t we just use the puppets again?”
• Word of God states that the Monarch insisted on theirs being an open marriage, and is much less successful in exploiting it than his wife.


In the example above, The Monarch is not a swinger. He is a cuckold, desperately deceiving himself with the notion that he is a swinger.


My interpretation of this is that the team that writes The Venture Brothers knows darn well that many self-proclaimed “swinger” men are in fact self-destructive, deluded fools. A man who marries a promiscuous woman with the hope of surmounting her promiscuity with his own has set himself a very unrealistic goal.

Thus, even though I assume the writers of The Venture Brothers have many ties to Hollywood culture, their show deconstructs and criticizes Hollywood’s promises of sexual liberation.

There is an obvious justification for the “Defiled Forever” trope – and that is that just one bad sexual tragedy, such as an incurable venereal disease, can ruin your chances of reproduction.

Even TVTropes shows some understanding of this:

There is a bit of justification for this, however. After all, while sexual pleasure is an integral part of human biology, it can be dangerous to one’s health if done without protection (e.g. AIDS and unwanted children), and sex is just one of countless number of things that it’s easy to get impulsive and addicted to. And if you’re sleeping with someone you really should not be sleeping with, you can get in all kinds of trouble, marital, legal or otherwise.


There is a very good reason for stories to preach that sex is evil; people are naturally predisposed in favor of sex. A culture that teaches its citizens to act as if sex is dangerous will tend to get more benefit out of sex.

However, I’m not very interested in making art. I don’t want to bother writing a story.

For the present, I think the best course is for me to find stories that end up preaching values that I think serve the greater good.

It’s not too hard to find fantasy stories with heroes that satisfy my sense of propriety; the heroes of fantasies don’t have any practical constraints that the author doesn’t want.

It IS hard to reconcile my love of fantasy and my love of realistic fiction. Realistic dramas have to deal with the banality of human evil and weakness. A realistic adventure story might have the incredibly depressing character-driven drama of Berserk, the depressing totalitarian surveillance of Gattaca, and the depressing violence of Platoon. No one would want to watch it.