Feminist self loathing

Sometimes Dalrock combines terseness, readability, and insight. This article is an example of Dalrock at his best.


Feminists have long struggled to define their driving sense of discontentment.  Understanding this sense of discontentment is critical to understanding feminism itself.  If you don’t know what feminists are devoting their lives in reaction against, you won’t understand what feminism is really for.  But as I mentioned above, even feminists struggle greatly to define exactly what they are rebelling against.  Betty Friedan famously dubbed the burning sense of feminist discontentment “The problem that has no name” in her much cherished book.

As I have explained previously, feminism at it’s core is about a feeling of envy for men.  Feminists don’t deny this, but they claim they are merely envious of men’s position in society.  Freud was closer when he coined the term penis envy, but even this only captures a part of the feminist dysfunction.  It isn’t so much that feminists wish they had penises…

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