Peeping Life – well-made, but tremendously depressing



It is interesting to note that Peeping Life uses the video techniques that I have wanted to see for about ten years – a CGI visual setup used to deliver an unassuming little story.

In fact, there is no over-arching story – there are just very short, rather well-done comedy sketches. (Actually, Karen Senki also had no coherent story, but that was not by design, whereas this sketch comedy show is trying to deliver very brief, disconnected skits.)

The characters are all-too-believable. The human frailties exhibited cut to the heart.

In particular, the first episode has some incredible depictions: a pretty girl who tries to use her looks in place of cash, a sick doctor too stupid to recognize a thief posing as a doctor, and a nagging girlfriend. It’s great that anime can be used to depict human frailty so vividly, but it’s depressing. I see people treating each other horribly enough in real life. I see self-destructive stupidity enough in real life.

I think the humor reminds me of Fireball Charming. The actors deliver their lines with the same kind of comedic timing.

I don’t plan to watch any more of this. One episode was a little too much for me.

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