Sometimes I love bland characters




Heat Guy J is not a show with serious sci-fi themes.

It is a crowd-pleasing show about bland characters.

The girl shown here would be a perfect wife for the main character.

She is surprisingly modest, and she also loves him enough to risk her life trying to save him.

And she looks good in black hotpants.

She has a small amount of tsun and a lot of dere, but she also can handle a gun. I like that in a female character. I would like to say, “I like that in a woman,” but in real life guns are a lot less useful and dramatic than they are in fiction.

With the bobbed hair and hot pants, this character resembles “Armitage,” but this show is much more of a PG-13 show than “Armitage” was. “Armitage” tried to raise some serious issues. This show just tries to make the audience feel good. Sometimes art is merely an anesthetic or a sedative.

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