Cyberpunk economics

At last, someone else sees the relevance of macro-economics to cyberpunk:

International Labor Economics, Ugh


One comment

  1. Joshua Sinistar · June 18, 2016

    Cyberpunk doesn’t have an economy, that’s why its dystopian. Its supposed to be super-rich corps and everyone else. Like Blade Runner, its not feasible. All that gutter trash don’t blend. Asians, Mestizos and Rednecks don’t make any profit. All that great science didn’t come from nowhere. Those robots are nowhere around here. We just have animatronic dummies. They’re not ready for real life anytime soon. All the fake science has crashed. NASA is just another welfare program, and shit should start popping out and not getting fixed soon. Cheap labor is DUMB. Too dumb to keep the grid and web running. Look at South Africa and Detroit, without the White Man, it all falls down. Cyberpunk is just fantasy. Reality is Western Civilization is White Supremacy. Multiculturalism is Mad Max.


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