Jane Douglas is too pretty. It’s her fault we haven’t had a revolution

Sitting at home alone and aimlessly wasting time does suck. It requires little effort, so it’s an easy trap to fall into when you are overstressed and insufficiently rested. Furthermore, modern society is set up to distract you and prevent you from unionizing or joining a subversive group.

Lots of young men, for example, would be willing to join a radical political group calling for an overthrow of the capitalist order. Why don’t they do something about it?

Because Jane Douglas is too pretty.

Overstressed young men come home from their dead-end jobs. First they try to figure out how to start a revolution. Then they realize they are so disorganized that any attempt at a revolution would be composed of 90% government infiltrators stirring up fake trouble. This makes them so depressed that they consider killing somebody. They try to calm themselves down by searching for news of the latest XBox murder simulator. And once they start searching for XBox news, of course, they see Jane Douglas, and forget entirely about killing sprees. They waste precious time binge-watching Outside XBox, and then, exhausted, they drag themselves back to dead-end jobs. Next week, they have only a few precious minutes to wake up to the need for revolution, but Outside XBox has a new video up, and so the potential revolutionaries start thinking about whether they should play Dishonored 2 on PS4 or PC.

Jane Douglas only has to look pretty for five or ten seconds in a ten-minute video. Those five seconds of a pretty girl are enough to make you sacrifice ten minutes to watching slick visuals of XBpx games.

And when you have seen one, of course, you believe that the next one will be even more entertaining, and before you know it, your weekend is gone and you have binge-watched every single video on the “Outside XBox” channel.


Now, if only Jane Douglas (and a big fraction of the women in her social position) could upload a video to YouTube that said, “Smash the state, rise up against the oppressor,” that might actually accomplish something. However, there are a lot of gamer babes who want attention. A tiny fringe movement of one or two gamer babes isn’t going to get very far; the existing power configuration could cut them off from YouTube and replace them with similarly attractive but politically nonthreatening gamer babes, such as Kate Stark.


One comment

  1. patriarchal landmine · August 2, 2016

    social upheaval does not serve a woman’s interest.

    she will allow men to die in the streets before she has to get off her own ass.


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