Sometimes the Cyberpunk comments are better than the post

The post is pretty readable, but the comment thread has some awesome moments.

The post has pullquotes like:

The megacorps will strive to order and simplify our lives, for that is where they get their power, while the hackers try to free themselves, and perhaps us, by making our lives as disorderly and complex as possible. But it’s not a question of who wins. It’s an ever evolving new landscape, a red queen race with an unknown number of contestants. Sustainability is not static.

Unfortunately, electrification is not necessarily sustainable either, because so much depends on how the End of Oil plays out.

But the comment section has pull quotes like:

The transition to a society where girls all want to grow up to be engineers or surgeons or spacewomen, bear only 1.8 children and have recreational sex without pecuniary reward, I just don’t see that happening. Rather the other way round. It makes me queasy to see how many girls in the West think manicurist is a dignified career, and webcam wanking a viable business model. But hey, I’m a curmudgeon.

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