Ryan Landry should wear a pith helmet (until he learns to love K. W. Jeter and actual VICTORIAN sci-fi)

Ryan Landry complained that there are too many progs in steampunk:


One of his commenters pointed out that Sterling and Gibson were progs, and they made it big.

But let us not forget K. W. Jeter.

Jeter is, to my mind, the true inventor of cyberpunk. He wrote Dr. Adder years before Gibson wrote Neuromancer.

Jeter consciously invented the word steampunk to describe the emerging genre of his novel Morlock Night, written in 1979.

There are other “gaslamp fantasies” that I could look up, but that’s not the point.

If you don’t like limp-wristed hipster steampunk, just read the actual sci-fi of the 19th century.


It’s free. Read it all.


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