The centralized controllers are willing to lose money, because art is a propaganda expense


Profit$ are chump change.

The people who control our Brave New World Order are the shareholders of the multi-national corporations that control almost everything bought and sold in the world today. These are they that call all the shots. And one of the primary corporations that they control is the Central Usury Cartel that controls the central banking systems in most of the world.

In other words, all the fabulously wealthy elites that own the shares in all the corporations (only 147 entities control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations in the world,) could give a shit about making “Profits.” Profits is an idea for the proles to consume themselves with so that we don’t notice the ever increasing and burdensome controls being implemented in a gradual but escalating pace.

They have usurped and deceived we the sheeple into accepting the take over of our economies, governments and institutions through their fiat usury schemes aka “money creation” power. In other words, do you really think T.H.E.Y. give a shit about profit, when these are they who have the power to create as much “money” as they need at any time? Profit$ are for pikers. The real prize is control…total population control. With their power to “print” as much money as they’d like, they use it quite liberally to achieve this goal of total population control.

Wonder no more at the propaganda studio lots seeking to Poz the world with Californication and Celebridolatry, churning out infotainment programming with social justice themes and narratives that consistently lose money hand over fist.

The producers in charge of a never ending stream of box office bombs, tell-a-vision series cancellations, print media circulation drops and downsized publishing houses haven’t made genuine profits in a decade or more.. They don’t need to nor do they seem to really even want to. Their primary function is not to make profits, but to manufacture consensus, control the narrative and pacify the populace to get we the sheeple to fall in line and to think and behave how they want us to.

It is interesting that the picture above shows that the game-version females are very cute and no older than 25, whereas the movie actresses all looked considerably older than 30.

However, video games kind of suck.

To play a game nowadays, you basically have three public choices (and one private choice).

One, you can surrender to a console maker like SONY and pay through the nose to give up your freedom.

Two, you can surrender to Microsoft and keep spending money on their spyware OS every year, plus all your information goes to them. (You will also be subsidizing overpriced companies who give you a CD or underpriced companies like Steam who invade your privacy.)

Three, you can run Linux and content yourself with a very small selection of games. (And you might lose your privacy to Steam.)

Four, you can run Windows (either 7 or a pirated 10) and pirate games. This won’t necessarily preserve your privacy for long, but for the moment, it will allow you to test-run the new AAA games before deciding that they are not very fun.

What we need is a new gaming platform that respects privacy and allows game makers to produce for a decent profit. Some people are trying to build such a system, but we don’t have it yet.




  1. patriarchal landmine · January 5, 2017

    the video game of ghostbusters is definitely better than the movie.

    there’s actual guys, for starters.


  2. Erudite Knight · January 9, 2017

    Hey still blogging huh? You watch much anime?


    • gaikokumaniakku · January 9, 2017

      Sadly, I have been forced to go outside, under the bright burning star, and interact with living humans, so I am falling way behind on my anime viewing.


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