A safe space where SJWs evolved from men?

Baloo/Ex-Army tell this story:

After registering, one of the first threads he came across was the question, “Are there any right wingers anywhere!?.” (meaning on the forum) Some people had answered already, saying they were conservatives, talking about right-wingers as a different classification than conservatives, stuff like that, mostly very mild. So he answered the question this way:

Neither “right-winger” nor “conservative” has widely agreed-upon definitions. Both terms should be defined whenever they’re used, especially in forums like this, that include people of many different places and with very different experiences. Me, you can call Alt-Right (I was Alt-Right before Hillary popularized the phrase) or “libertarian nationalist” (google it) in that I believe in libertarian principles about the way the Founding Fathers did, and that I think the nation-state is the best guardian of these principles and its inhabitants. Another way to look at it is that I’m the sort of Goldwater “conservative” that was the default conservative before the Trotskyites left the Democratic party, joined the Republican party, and began calling themselves “neoconservatives.”

And guess what happened next? One of the SJW’s on the forum wrote:

Oh look it’s a brand new member starting off by announcing he’s a racist.


And I naturally expected this just to be the reaction of one of the more childish members, but no, I received an email right away, reading:

[Y]ou have been permanently banned in response to your message Are there any right wingers anywhere!?.

So basically, this is what obese leftist sci-fi fans think they are like:


And this is what they are really life:

But there are also a lot of sci-fi writers who are super-athletic, like this guy with his super-manly chest hair:

I feel a little sad that I can’t log into that glorious online community, because it is probably full of writers and aspiring writers who resemble the folks in the above photographs…


Note that you can’t see the flames in that thread without signing up for an account, and you can’t sign up for an account without agreeing to the following:

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I could sign up for an account and wade into the flame war (and probably get banned) but I have anime that I should be watching…

The people who write science fiction are mostly highly politically correct. There are a few repulsive, allegedly right-wing scumbags of various stripes as well, who are almost equal in political correctness, because they hope to sell their fiction to Spurdoburger soldiers.

I don’t want to say that I hate modern Western writers because they are all lefties. There are some modern Western writers who are righties. I hate most of them. Basically 90% of all sci-fi sucks, and 90% of all sci-fi writers suck so much that it’s not worth anyone’s time to pay attention to them in any way.

There are a few writers who are not frothingly insane with modern politics, but their fiction is honestly not all that great.

There is one super-talented writer who is sufficiently left-wing to annoy me, but who has enough skill to keep me reading. His name is Walter Jon Williams, and I think he sincerely believes that a lot of degenerate behaviors are morally neutral if not actually praiseworthy. Specifically, I think he encourages sodomy.


And maybe some time when I have some time I will read through his book Implied Spaces, which is probably pro-gay, and write about what elements (if any) are pro-gay.

I won’t bother trying to write fiction about how moral abstention is better than degenerate vice. Art is propaganda, and activism is often more important than propaganda. If I want to stamp out degeneracy, I’ll be the change I want to see in the world and spend the time lifting weights to stamp out my personal vice of laziness rather than writing a fiction story about how lifting weights builds character. If, in the mean time, millions of sci-fi readers get hot and bothered from Walter Jon Williams’ depictions of heroic sodomites, I refuse to give a damn. Those readers were probably going to turn sodomite anyway.

At some point I will get my act together, resume watching anime, and resume posting about said anime.

But of late, with the Trump inauguration, I must admit that real life has been considerably more interesting than fiction. There were a lot of SJWs who got fat and lazy during the Obama administration.

It will be interesting to see how many left-wing parasites on the Obama machine get scraped off, and how the left-wing sci-fi “community” will react.

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