I was going to write an argument for the existence of God, but then … damn

I had recently allowed myself to get annoyed by some stupid, undereducated oafs arguing for atheism on YouTube.

So I thought I would get an eye-catching visual to head up my refutation of their arguments.

And now I’ve got the eye-catching visual, and suddenly I realize that stupid people argue on YouTube because snappy visuals distract most viewers from the weakness of the arguments.

What I needed was not a snappy visual, but the eloquence to keep a reader’s attention WITHOUT resorting to snappy visuals.

The reader is thus presented with an animated GIF of Anna Chicherova. Whether the GIF motivates the reader to argue for or against God is left as an exercise for the reader.


One comment

  1. patriarchal landmine · May 12, 2017

    in general, no one pays attention to text.

    putting text over an image is the way to go.


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