Grading flame comments on the Seven Deadly Sins

“Oh, suck my dick, you fuckin Xer. One in ten million of you motherfuckers have even done a day’s work in your lives.”

The opening is a sex-themed insult. The “one in ten million” is a ridiculous anti-intellectual generalization. The vague lambasting of laziness is probably projection.

One of my entertainments is to go through comments on the Burning Platform and see how many of the Deadly Sins could reasonably be ascribed to the commenter.

Sexual insult – lust, wrath, and pride
Intellectual laziness- sloth
vague accusation of nonproductive status – pride, envy, and implicit sloth

Unfortunately the comment didn’t address money and food, or else he would have had a chance to score all seven with avarice and gluttony.

All in all, he gets a raw score of five, but only wrath, pride, sloth, and envy are strongly represented, so he gets marked down to four out of seven deadly sins.

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