Stolen from zhai2nan2: 3edgy5me comments, crazy sculptors, and spoilers for Suisei no Gargantia

If you have not yet watched Suisei no Gargantia, just click past this post. It doesn’t contain any great insight that can’t wait until you finish watching that series.

So, by clicking the “more” link, you certify that you don’t mind spoilers.


Suisei no Gargantia is a very visually attractive show, but it’s made by Gen Urobuchi, a.k.a. the Uro-butcher. The characters in his stories tend to suffer and die horribly.

One of the themes of that show is the totalitarian abuse of military technology.

So while the girls are doing their cute belly dances, the hero of that show is coming to terms with murderous, militaristic hatred.

So it was rather appropriate that a 3edgy5me anon wrote at:

I’m probably being a 2deep4u hipster here, but I like the duality of the contrast between nationalist ideas that many would call “hate” and the cutesy animu, but also how both probably have strong current of assburgers in their demographics (Kind of like My nationalist pony). Oh, also Japan is pretty ideal in their implementation of Nationalism.

I think there’s a couple of clear causal threads here.

1- A lot of multi-culturalist entertainment factories believe really stupid ideas, and those really stupid ideas necessarily drag down the quality of their output.

2- If you have a tribalistic loyalty to some class of persons you see as beautiful, your art will idealize those persons, and that will usually improve your artistic output.

3- If an artist is under social pressure to be loyal to your group, that artist will usually have some kind of editor or peer group enforcing standards of quality.

4- If an artist recklessly pursues beauty and passion without regard for taboos, he’s got a higher chance of violating the politically-correct taboo against nationalism. (A passion for beauty doesn’t always result in beautiful art – for a recent example of this, see the “crazy sculptor” case below.)

5- If you are in fact a militaristic nationalist, you probably know enough about practical propaganda to make sure that you have cute girls on your recruiting posters.


I think it’s broader than nationalism. I think any competent group past a certain size will have some competence regarding artistic beauty. Even monasteries – which are not places of sensual indulgence – have euphonious chanting. Even Islamic fundamentalists have calligraphic decorations.

Nationalism is still a force to be reckoned with. Even now, it is arousing crazy sculptors to violate unwritten taboos – and codified laws.,Red-Army-rape-statue-removed-in-Gdansk



An illegally installed statue of a Soviet soldier raping a pregnant woman has been removed in Gdansk, northern Poland.



“The artist was detained and released after questioning,” police spokesperson Aleksandra Siewert told Polish Radio.

“The matter will be taken up on Monday by the prosecutor’s office,” she confirmed.

The statue, entitled Komm Frau (Come Here Woman) was installed on Gdansk’s Avenue of Victory (Aleja Zwyciestwa) late on Saturday evening.

Artist Jerzy Szumczyk, a fifth year student at Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts, told Polish Radio that he had read extensively on the subject of rape by the Red Army as it advanced across Eastern Europe towards Berlin from 1944-45.

Szumczyk claimed he “was unable to cope with it” and so created a statue to express his feelings.

Historians have estimated that over 1 million German women were raped by Soviet soldiers from 1944-45.

Prior to the German invasion of Poland in 1939, Gdansk was a free city (Danzig). Over 95 percent of the inhabitants were German.

The rape of Polish women was also commonplace (1944-47) during the Soviet liberation of Poland, although to a significantly lesser degree, with highest estimates at 100,000.


Now, perhaps you’re objecting – “But that sculptor wasn’t saying rape is beautiful, he’s saying rape is ugly!” Yes. But he can only understand the nature of ugliness because he’s worked very hard to represent beauty.

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