Bee Train made a lot of shows that resemble El Cazador de la Bruja and most of them have been mostly bad

Yes, I finished watching El Cazador de la Bruja.

Was it worth those few hours of my life?

I stopped watching in 2014, and finished at the very end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. So it is not a show that motivated me to come back at least once a week to see what would happen next.

Most of the show used very minimal, low-fantasy “magic” but the ending pulled the stops out. It became evident that the writers had no grand ideas about how their “magic” worked.

The writers earned my hatred by underusing a very promising character: L.A.

I will dump some spoilers so don’t read further if that is a problem for you.

Bee Train has made many shows that feature nonsexual friendships between two main female characters. At times, Bee Train seems to want to write a lesbian heroine couple, but seems to lack the courage. However, to my knowledge, Bee Train has NEVER written a convincing romance.

L.A. is a creepy maladjusted boy who follows Ellis around, talking about love in a creepy stalker voice. The writers at Bee Train seem to have a heartfelt hatred of heterosexual men, and L.A. is just one of the characters who typifies that hatred.

Ellis and L.A. are artificial humans, somewhat like replicants. They are raised in isolation from each other, but it would be natural for them to join forces and become friends, if not lovers. Ellis initially tells L.A. that she hates him, all the while she is clinging to her female friend, Nadie. But then, Ellis decides she should leave Nadie, so she gets some fast food tacos, finds L.A., and tells him that she wants him to take her away from her previous life.

If Bee Train had hired better writers, they might have been able to develop that plot thread. Instead, they contrive some arbitrary reasons for Ellis to yank L.A. out of the story. Ellis’ chance at character development get aborted. No yucky heterosexual men mess up the perfect female friendship of the leads.

The writers’ hatred for men is particularly ugly when they present a fat, useless otaku boy who gets exploited for his resources. When he tries to kiss Ellis, Nadie pulls a trick by getting him to close his eyes and letting him kiss her fingers. That could be an allegory for politically correct writers giving useless fantasies to exploit ugly otaku boys.

The story does have one father figure who gets a fairly heroic scene, so the writers don’t hate ALL heterosexual men. However, that father figure has no sexual needs; he exists only to protect the weak and uphold gunfighter machismo.

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