Blassreiter took about 15 episodes to hit its stride.

Blassreiter requires a considerable degree of attention from the viewer. In the end, if you watch all 24 episodes in quick succession, you should be able to remember who the characters are, and why they care about each other.

The writing has a great deal of talent. And yet, in some ways, this show is silly. You must be willing to accept several wildly bizarre premises to watch this show.

The voice actress for Mei Fang is a major reason to continue watching this silly show.  Happily, I can report that she has been getting work in other shows.  Also happily, I can report that this show is not entirely silly.  It does eventually address some serious themes, such as “Will you lose your humanity if your body is transformed by nanotech?”

The final episode delivers at least one “moral of the story” but there are some bits of dialogue that suggest very serious themes. The quotes from the Bible eventually pull together quite a few important themes.

Blassreiter took about 15 episodes to hit its stride.

It is a show about attractive young people getting into super high-tech vehicles and sallying forth into combat. You have seen this formula for decades. Sometimes the young people get into giant mecha. Sometimes they form a sentai. The details can vary. However, the formula is clear.

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