“the result are broxas men” What the heck is a broxas? Does he mean “broke-ass”?

Some writer, apparently a Russian, wrote:

Among the various industries of capitalism in its late phase, society of the spectacle, consumerist capitalism, one of the most nefarious and grotesque is the pornographic industry.

Created by Zionists, and practically monopolized by them to this day, the pornographic industry can be considered as a veritable poison driven by parasitic forces against the psychological, moral and cultural health of the peoples of the world. Let it be clear, the sale of sex, such as the slave trade and usury has always been a Zionist specialty.

According to the director of the Anti-Defamation League (a major Zionist lobby), Abraham Foxman, “Jews who entered the porn industry have done it as individuals seeking the American dream.” Moreover, according to the historian Nathan Abrams, “Jews are the driving force behind the modern pornographic industry, and their motivation is in part to destroy the morals of the Gentiles.”

The creation of the pornographic industry came in the wake of a “libertarian” discourse aimed at breaking away from post-Victorian moral conservatism. In spite of being earlier, the generation of 68 is symptomatic of the “libertarian” mentality in which the founding of this industry participated.

Against bourgeois puritanism emerged libertine hedonism, also bourgeois. Restriction standards have been superseded by standards of excess. The quality of the sexual experience has been replaced by quantity. And the porn industry was the protagonist in all this from the beginning.

The “secret” and the “veil” concerning the body and sexuality do not have a castration, but an intensification of sexual tension, which increases the meaning and power of the sexual act. So what happened was predictable.

Sexual “liberation” and the popularization of pornography have spawned a generation of two types of people: non-sex masturbators, and sex slaves ranging from irrelevant sexual experience to irrelevant sexual experience.

The poison of pornography is deep. Pornography, by tinkering with dopamine, is as addictive as any other drug. And being addictive, it makes its slaves go into spirals of fetishistic degradation. The end result is people who can no longer be excited by simple nakedness of the opposite sex, the result are broxas men who can only get excited with horn fetish, transvestites and other bizarre in general.

it has been empirically verified the ability of pornography to even change normal sexual orientation after a long exposure.

Of course, not everyone goes from normal porn to gang-rape, transvestites, zoophilia or coprophagy. There are those who fall into the world of child pornography. All this is encouraged by the “normal” pornographic industry itself, which makes it a point to look for particularly small and skinny women and dress them in children’s clothing, or hire women to have their first scenes a few days or even hours after they turn 18.

Of the adults pretending to be teenagers, there are not a few who actually go after photos of naked teenagers. From then on, it is a spiral of grotesque and rickety, culminating in the operations of international networks of pedophilia, prostitution and human trafficking.

In this sense, just as marijuana is a gateway that can even lead to crack in the long run, pornography is a gateway that can lead in the long run to pedophilia. It is the visible face of occult forces whose great barons constitute the globalist pedophile elite that rules the world.

With all that we know, it is clear to realize that pornography is a weapon of war, the purpose of which is to alienate men, to objectify women, to widen the sexes, to dissolve traditional morality, to numb brains, to fill pockets of the enemies of the peoples of the world and to strengthen the mafias of pedophilia, human trafficking and prostitution.

There is no advantage or positive factor in pornography. There is nothing to make up for your existence.

It is clearly a poison to be banished. And the industry that produces this poison is something to be destroyed, with the capitalists who control it, shot or hanged publicly.




According to an xHamster survey of 11,000 website visitors in the United States, most bisexual respondents, 27.46 percent, claimed to watch porn several times a day.

23.01 percent claimed to watch once a day, 19.73 percent claimed to watch a few times a week, and 13.09 percent claimed to watch once a week.

Straight respondents, however, were most likely to watch just once a week.

“Users who visit adult sites several times a day are more than twice as likely to identify as bisexual as those who visit only once a week,” declared xHamster in a press release. “There was a direct correlation between the amount of time a person spends watching porn, and whether or not they identified as bisexual. (It doesn’t seem to have an affect on gay identity — that stays in a pretty narrow range.)”

In a statement, Alex Hawkins, the vice president of xHamster, proclaimed, “Does watching a lot of porn make you gay? No, but it may make you realize you’re not entirely straight.”


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