venial temptations and life-changing mistakes

The heroic hours of life do not announce their presence by drum and trumpet,
challenging us to be true to ourselves by appeals to the martial spirit that
keeps the blood at heat. Some little, unassuming, unobtrusive choice presents
itself before us slyly and craftily, glib and insinuating, in the modest garb
of innocence. To yield to its blandishments is so easy. The wrong, it seems,
is venial… Then it is that you will be summoned to show the courage of
adventurous youth.
— Benjamin Cardozo



When “Girls” hit this spring, I was shocked by how true the show rang to my life—not my old life as a post-collegiate single girl but my new one, as a married, monogamous, home-owning mother.
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Game is Feminism by proxy.

“Game” is not a side “side-show” issue. It is a THE issue at the moment because it is the most destructive concept in the manosphere.


1) People still seem to draw a distinction between Game and Feminism. GAME IS FEMINISM. Game is Feminism by proxy. Feminism encourages male sacrifice and Vagina worship, “Game” advocates the exact same behaviour as Feminism does.

2) The practice of “Game”, reinforces the misandric culture which is evident in Western society. i.e. That men must SACRIFICE and EARN the right to be with a women, any women, even if that women is a drug addicted abusive violent individual.

3) After being exposed for the malevolent multi-level marketing shyster-scum that they are, game promoters have decided to take a new tact and move to “lifestyle blogs”. The aim here is to recruit impressionable men to their cause (cult) by promoting “Game” in addition to other polite society sanctioned “manly” vectors such as drinking, sports, and working out

4) Game hacks, promoters repeatedly try to co-opt any effort men engage in to organise for purposes other than seeking out women. Despite being COMPLETELY DISCREDITED they return, over and over again. Should we tolerate people who tell us the Earth is flat? What is wrong with calling these people morons? The problem with people who promote Game is not simply that they a have been led astray, the problem is that their beliefs AS WELL AS BEING COMPLETELY DISCREDITED actually PROMOTE THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what MRA’s are trying to achieve.

Roissyite gamers try to co-opt any attempt by men to organize for a purpose other than seeking out women.

Andy Nowicki wrote much the same kind of thing:

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Stolen from zhai2nan2: Kurata Hideyuki, Syu-chan, oxytocin, and diminished expectations in an age of promiscuity


Readers of this blog are probably well-acquainted with the idea that modern societies are behavioral sinks for humans.

Before I can explain Kurata Hideyuki’s notions of chivalry as a motivation for moe (萌) in fiction, I have to explain the controversial claims surrounding oxytocin and the emotional bonding resulting from sex.

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stolen from zhai2nan2: The future of feminism is Mad Maxine – but what would Ibn Khaldun and J. Bagot Glubb say?

mad_max_feminism Ra4YQXK

Feminists often claim that this is a unique period in history, because “For the first time, women have choices,” by which they mean, oral contraceptives and medicine to treat sexually-transmitted diseases.

My standard response to “this time it’s different” is to cite John Bagot Glubb and Ibn Khaldun, both of whom pointed out that empires rise and fall with predictable patterns.

However, technology will probably be quite a game-changer in the future. After the welfare-warfare states collapse and take socialism with them, women will still remember how to use rifles, birth control pills, and condoms.

In cultures limited to muscle-powered weapons, women’s inferior muscles made them very inferior at violence. But if, after socialism collapses, people retain enough homebrewed technology to operate, reload, and resupply rifles, women might be more capable of living without men than they have been for recorded history.

The future of feminism is Mad Maxine.

Blatantly stolen from zhai2nan2: Schoolgirls want to leverage the myth of schoolgirlhood

I have seen various local schoolgirls who wear pseudo-schoolgirl uniforms on the street for the sake of fashion. The pop culture has idolized schoolgirls far beyond their real-life appeal, and so real-life schoolgirls spend their parents’ money on tapping into the mass-media myth.

The pictured school uniform is from the anime Blood-C, and even in the course of the show, the characters comment about how ridiculous it is as a school uniform. But Japanese girls are buying such clothes and wearing them.

The NYT reports:

Nowhere is the consumer power of young Japanese girls more visible than at the biannual Tokyo Girls Collection show, the biggest fashion event in Tokyo, which takes place this Saturday. It counts more than 60,000 attendees a year, who pay between 5,500 Japanese yen ($56) to 15,000 yen (around $150) per entrance ticket. On this weekend’s lineup are catwalk shows, entertainment by all-female pop group HKT48, comedians, a Miss TGC beauty contest…

The carnival-esque atmosphere is amplified by the frenzied enthusiasm of a squealing teen audience. …

Most of the brands at Tokyo Girls Collection are casual labels like the hyper-girly Cecil McBee and Jouetie. Rather than showcasing next season’s designs, the brands allow the audience to buy the clothing shown on the runway in real time. The girls make their purchases on their cell phones via the event’s website, which has over half a million subscribers and 2 million unique visitors per month, according to organizers. The purchased items arrive on the girls’ doorstep the following day.

Many of the 80-plus models and celebrities at this season’s show are half-Asian, such as Japanese-Polish singer and actress Anna Tsuchiya, and Bengali-Japanese-Russian model Rola. Instead of the intimidating fashion models that strut the catwalk at orthodox fashion events, the look at Tokyo Girls Collection is decidedly kawaii –

Noa Jansma takes selfies when she DOESN’T feel physically threatened (and ultimately, Western individualism appears to be doomed)

Noa Jansma is a pretty girl who gets a lot of undesired attention from strangers. However, in most cases, she doesn’t feel threatened, just insulted. So she takes selfies with these men, which they almost always misinterpret as approval.

I don’t think Jansma is being entirely honest about the situation. This seems to be a bit like a sting operation. The men in question are stupid enough to honestly think that taking a selfie with someone is a sign of friendliness, rather than an attempt to set up legal action.

It’s easy to resent Noa Jansma. She is 20 and obviously proud of her looks, and she has the habit of taking selfies.  (A lot of people resent people who take selfies, especially if they are young and appear to be vain about their prettiness.) In the long run, however, while I don’t like her methods, I have to admit that Jansma is drawing attention to a social problem that will need fixing sooner or later. Unfortunately, I think the people who will attempt to fix it will make it much worse.

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