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Film Noir and Cowboy Bebop

http://criticalhit009.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/jupiter-jazz-and-the-real-folk-blues-film-noir-and-cowboy-bebop/ seems like a decent essay, but I don’t know what a “starling gem” might be. “Startling gem”? “Starring gem”? Cowboy Bebop, the starling gem of anime in the west, claims to be a “new genre itself.” A bold statement … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop is closer to a Hong Kong action movie than it is to Lupin

It’s commonly heard that Cowboy Bebop is a postmodern version of Lupin.

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Over-used tropes: bounty hunters and episodic odysseys, as seen in El Cazador de la Bruja

When most people think “bounty hunter,” they might think of Faye Valentine: But in fact, it’s surprisingly easy to over-use the “bounty hunter” trope, because it imposes very few restrictions on the writers.

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