Film Noir and Cowboy Bebop

seems like a decent essay, but I don’t know what a “starling gem” might be.

“Startling gem”?

“Starring gem”?

Cowboy Bebop, the starling gem of anime in the west, claims to be a “new genre itself.” A bold statement to be sure, but one that proves to be true. Bebop is an eclectic mix of music and film styles, effectively used in the show’s various vignette and plot episodes that make up the series. But throughout the show, elements of film noir are present in Bebop’s overarching plot that connects these vignettes together. Bebop is full of noir traits such as the theme of fate, the motifs of rain, fortunetellers, tight framing, narrative tropes, voice over narration, psychological exploration, and jazz music. This does not characterize the entire series as a film noir, as the majority of the film noir influences only dominate a handful of episodes. But it is the addition of these film noir elements that makes Cowboy Bebop such a filmic and fulfilling experience.