The rushed final episode nevertheless manages to get some good philosophy in there

Yes, the final episode was terribly rushed. The anime butchered the manga. We have all read these complaints.

Nevertheless, I liked this show overall.

It was full of strong moments, such as the following reflection on the cruel selfishness of romantic love.


I liked the evil characters a lot. Then again, none of the characters had much time to become annoying, so any redeeming qualities tended to make the characters likeable.

I particularly liked the following dialogue, which sums up the struggle between block-headed “power of friendship” humanism and block-headed Nietzschean will-to-power.
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What makes me willing to spend time on Gokukoku no Brynhildr when I don’t care about Mahouka?

I didn’t think I would like Gokukoku no Brynhildr much. The main character is a little too underpowered. The girls are not that great. The premise is kind of squicky – I don’t like melting bodies. I’m not even crazy about Happy Tree Friends-style gore.

The villain is a convincingly classic villain, and the semi-evil uncle character is a decent foil to him.


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A very meme-worthy scientist

In reference to:

clearly we need to get the scientist guy from Gokukoku no Brynhildr into the mix.

Kogorou Hashiratani (柱谷 小五郎)
Ryouta’s uncle, a genius researcher who worked as a doctor at a local university. He refused to travel on any transportation vehicle so he rejected all invitations from outside the campus. After witnessing magician’s magic, he accept’s Ryouta’s request to analyze the compound and produce the medicine needed for magicians.


Two perspectives on males providing resources to females

The notion that males must provide resources to females is a frequently encountered idea in most human cultures.

Two anime shows take very different approaches to this.

In one show, the male is offering nothing more than money, and receives nothing but the dubious pleasure of female company.
beggar3 beggar2 beggar1

In the other show, the male is risking his life to help girls get special medicines that they must take regularly in order to survive, and his payoff is that he gets to hang out with a girl who reminds him of a childhood friend.
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