Wishing for the satisfaction you can’t have – fast vehicles, maids, and gynoids

Daydreaming can condense into a down-to-earth plan to get what you want. If you have a desire that is within the realm of realistic possibility, your daydreams can become a plan for getting the specific thing that you want.

Daydreaming can also comfort you with thoughts of the thing you love, even when you’re separated from the object of your love in reality.
Daydreaming can also evaporate upward into compensation-fantasy. Masamune Shirow, for example, seems to lust after vehicles for which he would have little use, such as

  • ultra-fast racing motorcycles,
  • hexapod armored tanks, and
  • super-powered gynoid commando-bodies (which are, after all, just vehicles for cyber-brains).
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    We all have some sensitivity to some kind of beauty; fast vehicles have a kind of beauty, and Shirow appreciates the beauty of vehicles. Some of Shirow’s characters, however, seem to go beyond appreciating the vehicle. At some point, a human who makes a big deal about how much she loves her motorcycle is using the motorcycle as a substitute for human relationships. And at some point, a sci-fi writer who can’t get over the desirability of gynoid cat-girls has transferred his motorcycle fetish into an android fetish. Continue reading