Cool is all you would need to be, but your show failed to achieve that, and it’s just a demo reel.


Inou Battle is zero substance wrapped up in pretty visuals and high production values.


This is not a story.  This is an audition.  This is a demonstration of what Studio Trigger can do.  It’s like demo-footage of a video-game engine without an actual game.


Here’s the deal: Studio Trigger is a highly-skilled, highly-intricate operation.  They need a lot of funding and backing and contacts in order to keep making high-quality shows.


They made this show, which had an absolutely vague script, but lots of fan service moe.  If their investors like the property, the studio could spin the story in any direction that the backers like.


I kind of hate anime studios sometimes because they are committed to the meta-story level, not to the story level.

If a for-profit storyteller focusses on the story level, he cares about the message of the story.  If a for-profit storyteller focusses on the meta-story level, he cares about delivering his marketable story product to the money-men who will pay. (There are different meta-levels for different social contexts.  Some story-telling is driven by patriotism; other story-telling is driven by sex; urges such as money, violence, etc. are possible.)