Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a show about people who have failed at marriage

I have noticed many pre-sexual girl characters are written to appeal to post-menopausal women.

Consider the self-declared “doll” of the series. She pretends to be an inhuman doll, she is socially withdrawn, and she can only express affection to fluffy animals such as dogs and cats. This is not a young girl. This is a post-menopausal woman who passed up all her chances to get married.


Similarly, the major male characters are various types of men who have failed to get married. The main character is a grass-eating celibate, the tanuki is a lecher, the dog-god is a borderline criminal.


The creators obviously are skilled; they know a lot of Japanese folklore, and they can write a good story when they feel like it. However, the major thrust of the series is mean-spirited farce.

It’s not a bad anime. If I had more time I would watch a lot of shows like this.

But in fact, time is limited, and I need to focus on watching better shows than this.