Is that a coloring error in my Avenging Battle? Her costume is so unrealistic I can’t be sure!


I really like the character who half-transformed into Chaika, and I’m rooting for her to find the boy she has loved (from a distance) throughout the first season.

I also am rooting for green-hair, because she’s womanly enough to deserve a boyfriend.


Yeah, it’s a little sad that Chaika will have a pure and frustrated crush on the hero, but Chaika has a lot of growing-up to do before she can get serious about boyfriends. These characters have a well-written conflict because it’s very plausible that the hero would not see his step-sister as a legitimate object of romance. Incest is supposed to be taboo, even with your step-sister, and since they were children together, there’s a valid psycho-physical reason his brain would grow up to regard her non-sexually. The serious question, of course, is how the hero will react to all of this. The writer will probably have the hero kiss Chaika near the end of this season, just because the fans will demand it. A lot of fans will want him to just marry Chaika, regardless of her age. I’ll be impressed if the writer can manage to make a plausible resolution of conflicts. I suspect the series will end without resolving this triangle, however.

However, my suspension of disbelief was shocked by green-hair’s costume:

In these first  captures, it looks fine because the brown leather pouches are covering her butt.

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