If the character is not a tempter, the character is not a satisfactory vampire

Vampires have gotten way too far from their folkloric roots.
The vampire legends of the 18th century stressed that vampires were tempters. Vampires persuaded people to do things contrary to common sense, piety, etc. Frequently vampires were undead family members who relied on familial loyalty to get the victims to open the door.

Vampires like Alucard from Hellsing might be wonderful characters, but they don’t tempt.

Sometimes when you get too far from the roots of the archetype, the original archetype is lost.


Somewhat like a fluffy duck with a switchblade.
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Some serious literary criticism about Carmilla from Dave’s Corner of the Universe


In modern fiction the assumed way to become a vampire is to be bitten by one. La Fanu used the old legend that vampirism is the result and curse from suicide.(7) When she was human Carmilla attempted to get attention from her family that she felt ignored her by trying to kill herself. Unfortunately the attempt went too far and she was cursed to come back and feed of the blood of the living. This was actually a pretty common belief of the cause of vampires prior to Dracula.(8) Continue reading