Hermetic magic is often just a method of focusing willpower on fine-arts projects — as seen in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

“You know in the twenties Magicians still had style. Turbans, tuxedos and tarts in tiaras. Smashing times. Now it’s all Sigils, stubble and self abuse.”

-Alan Moore, probably making fun of Grant Morrison

[Moore saw himself as similar to the Golden Dawn occultists of the 1920s, and Morrison’s style is notorious for its use of sigils.]


Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles starts out rather strongly, but quickly becomes self-indulgent.

It starts off with a working-class, blond Cockney boy – kind of like a young John Constantine with longer hair.
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What I watch influences me. Each anime has an important story to tell, if I’m willing to listen.  Is this not magical? [Awesome post plus a link to awesome excerpt]


We live in a skeevy, modern, globalized society.

It’s easy to program our minds with commercialized entertainment.
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It’s easier to memorize advertising jingles rather than laws, doctrines, or even your friends’ phone numbers.

It’s easy to regard porn as normal media.

I subscribe to a rather “occult” or “mystical” viewpoint.

I believe that if I put garbage thoughts into my subconscious mind, my life will turn into corresponding garbage. “As above, so below.”

Some people might castigate this as shockingly un-Christian occult thinking, but a lot of famous Christians have written the same idea. (The supposed dichotomy between “Christian” and “occult” will get its own post later.)

Recently, I was delighted by one anime blogger’s analysis to a text posted at Patheos, and I will quote said blogger herein:
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