Evangelion can make some people into atheists. I don’t care whether I’m arguing for maltheism

Recently I saw that someone became an atheist because of Evangelion.



If you’re interested in the philosophy of atheism, you might be interested to know that Bertrand Russell tried to disprove Godel’s proof of a Supreme Being – and failed!


Russell had considerable faith that there was no God, but it was faith – unsupported faith. Philosophically, Russell was not able to construct an argument to beat Godel’s ontological argument. Wikipedia mentions that Oppy thought that Godel’s god was not theologically interesting.

As for the paradox (controversially) attributed to Epicurus, there are at least two good counterarguments:

1 – The typical Christian argument based on the Book of Job – Yes, God allows humans to suffer pain, but we humans are stupid and God is omniscient and it’s all for the best. (And we can support this with all kinds of apologetics.)

2 – The ultra-Stoic axiom – Yes, humans suffer pain. We take it as axiomatic that this is not worth getting sentimental about.

Personally I prefer the ultra-Stoic axiom. I get very bored with apologetics, whether Christian or otherwise. This means that while I argue for a Supreme Being, a lot of humanists will get upset because they claim I’m arguing for maltheism – the belief that God exists and is evil. I categorize that, along with Oppy’s objection, as a form of pain that I feel – and by my axiom, it’s not worth getting excited about.


It looks like Wikipedia doesn’t use the term “maltheism,” but it has a few relevant links: