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Some will say Pupa has jumped the shark with episode 6; others will say there was no shark to jump

A lot of people hated Pupa from the very beginning. Those people said it would be a waste of time. I am inclined to think that they got it right, for the most part. I’m going to keep watching, even … Continue reading

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Pupa episode 4: some women just don’t make good grief counselors

Maria-sama is obviously a woman of many fine qualities. She’s a born leader, a capable scientist, a snappy dresser in the “goth” style, and so on. But she’s not a natural fit for the job of “grief counselor.”

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Pupa Episode 3; everybody’s got a messed-up face

I’m glad to see the young woman has a messed-up face. Now every major character has a messed-up face.

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Yeah, disregard my messed-up skin and wait in the park, because there’s no way anything bizarre and supernatural could destroy your life in the park

Am I the only one who noticed that this girls’ big brother has some seriously messed-up skin? It’s not just on his arm, his face is messed up too.

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