Yeah, sure, the bathtub is a great place for you to advise me

I’m surprised that I enjoy this show as much as I do.



One reason this episode worked well is that the mangaka’s sincerity made him a much more admirable character. If he were just a slapstick loser I would want to drop the show, but if he has strong willpower and a weird kind of charisma, he can be an attractive male romantic lead. He’s definitely hopeless as an action hero, of course.



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Two perspectives on males providing resources to females

The notion that males must provide resources to females is a frequently encountered idea in most human cultures.

Two anime shows take very different approaches to this.

In one show, the male is offering nothing more than money, and receives nothing but the dubious pleasure of female company.
beggar3 beggar2 beggar1

In the other show, the male is risking his life to help girls get special medicines that they must take regularly in order to survive, and his payoff is that he gets to hang out with a girl who reminds him of a childhood friend.
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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to shows a tragic failure between men and women

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to is not just sad, it’s tragic.

It’s a humor show, but it’s literally a tragedy.



Both the male protagonist and the female antagonists are at fault here.


The protagonist is a tragic hero with a tragic flaw; he desires more romantic intimacy with women than his limited social skills will allow.

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