This season’s least coherent story award goes to Karen Senki


This show had some amazing visuals.

The premises were so disjointed that it was practically dreamlike.

It defied categorization.

Roughly, it could be called “sci-fi,” but sci-fi is supposed to speculate logically from a premise. With this show, there were not enough identifiable premises to figure out what was happening and make logical calculations.

More than anything else, this story resembled a dream-like fantasy.

The origins of the superpowers started out as obscure but then became utterly unexplained.

“In medias res” is supposed to be a good way to TELL a story if the plot is already KNOWN.

I think the writers came up with some superheroic fantasies, then started writing episodes “in medias res” without ever trying to figure out how things fit together.

This was not a “story” so much as an incoherent series of episodes.