Kamigami no Reverse-Harem

vlcsnap-2014-04-19-15h13m26s71You know the problem with girls these days?

They set their sights too low!

It would be horrible if a teenage girl picked a boy and stuck with him.

No, we need some way to guarantee that girls will have impossibly high expectations of boys.

Twilight had girls falling in love with super-powered vampires. And that was a start, but there’s got to be some ideal even more unattainable than that.

Hey – let’s have a girl getting pursued romantically by half a dozen gods!



This show looks to have wonderful scenery and colors. The voice actors are impressive, particularly at the end when they sing. The dance motions for the ending song are a little too “Japanese idoru” and not nearly godlike enough, but the singers sing well.
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