Shows I liked and disliked in 2013

I am mostly out of touch with the primordial cycle of the seasons, but anime shows come out in 4 separate seasons of 13 episodes each, so now that the Autumn 2013 season has ended, it is time to criticize anime writing.

Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta

The original Yozakura Quartet anime was much more subdued; this made it more plausible, but less exciting. Hana no Uta is over-the-top, and for the most part that works out well, although it sometimes gets so whimsical that it snaps me out of my suspension-of-disbelief.

I was very impressed with this reboot. I enjoy each episode; I hope that the writer will manage to deliver a satisfactory plot that will prove to be worthy of all the individual episodes.

Beyond the Boundary/Kyoukai no Kanata
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Some serious film criticism about Samurai Flamenco from moesucks


So now we come to Flamenco Girl. She too likes to fight evildoers, but she seems primarily motivated to do good only if it combats her boredom. To put it in a different way, goodness is a mere byproduct of what she does. Is that a harsh assessment? Maybe, but I get the feeling she cares less about the people she saves and more about kicking thugs in the balls (what does she do to female thugs?).

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