Just when you thought that the shark had been jumped, a NEW shark appears beneath the soaring motorcycle

Anime all too often sucks because it’s too much about sneaking soft-core porn into an adventure story.

Mind you, adventure fiction has had a huge porn component for a long, long time. Gothic fiction was pretty close to bodice-ripper porn even before King Solomon’s Mines invented modern adventure fiction, and once R. E. Howard started writing, it was pretty much heaving bosoms and mighty thews all around.

So I won’t complain that adventure fiction USED to be pure and non-sexual. That was true only for a small subset written by guys like Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle.

The second season of Durarara jumped the shark by putting a threesome romance into the main story.

That’s soft-core porn territory; at that point, the action-adventure fights are just a distraction.

But shows like Durarara require me to care about the characters. The whole point of a character like Anri is that she’s supposed to have tragic feelings and a deep need for meaningful love that the male hero has a chance to satisfy.



There are two problems here.
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