Sands of Destruction is a watchable show intended for the whole family as an audience


It pulls off some of its stereotypes well.

The ending is a little bit sudden. They could have done a fair bit to foreshadow it. However, this is not a show intended to delight critics of adventure fiction. This is a show intended to keep parents halfway entertained while their kids sit on the couch and are amazed to see these tropes for the first time.

Sands of Destruction – a pseudo-violent adventure show for the inexperienced

There is a show that gives you all of the following cliches:

A planet with oceans of sand that are navigable by ships.

A brooding Action Girl swordswoman bent on revenge (but the opening animation shows her looking surprisingly kind, so that she doesn’t scare off the six-year-old female audience segment).

An export-character version of Reepicheep.

A suave, debonair, civilized Bad Guy (with Japanese death god hair and eye colors) followed by a hot-tempered female sidekick.

Surprisingly unsophisticated and clean capture by naive captors, who might have been plagiarized directly from Edgar Rice Burroughs.

You have seen these cliches before, many times.

But perhaps some day you’ll be baby-sitting a six-year-old who isn’t supposed to watch hardcore, bloody violence, and you’ll need a kids’ show that adults can watch without going stir crazy. And that show is Sands of Destruction.


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