There are the kind of women who help a man provide money responsibly, and the kind of women who help a man spend money irresponsibly



The title should read:
There are the kind of women who help a man provide money responsibly, and the kind of women who help a man spend money irresponsibly

Japanese writers keenly feel the distinction between women who earn money and women who spend money.

Scarlet is a potential-wife; Scarlet is responsible and earns money.

Honey technically earns money – she’s a waitress, she must get a paycheck and tips. But she’s not responsible. She wants to have fun.

Dandy doesn’t want a wife. Dandy wants to have as much fun as possible, and probably never commit.


spoilers for Space Dandy 2 episode 4


I watched the first half of the dub until I realized that I hated the voice actors. Then eventually, I had a little deja vu with the sub, but the voice actors were much more capable singers, so it was all good.

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I think I finally understand the message of Space Dandy

So I have seen episode 6.

I think I understand where the creators are going with this. I don’t necessarily approve, but I think I understand.


Some of the art is really ugly and under-developed. Look at the outlines. Look at those cans and the overlapping outlines of the handlebars and the window. They seriously went out of their way to rub our faces in that.

A lot of the Japanese people making animated shows nowadays are serious about art that is rooted in pencils on paper. I don’t love pencils on paper. If pencil-worship results in ugly anime, I’d rather go straight to CGI. Every visual can be done in CGI and I’ll still buy it. I would rather have a pretty, consistent show that’s 100% CGI than inconsistent art that shows its pencil-on-paper roots.

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Okay, okay, so Space Dandy is not as impressive as Cowboy Bebop

“People are originally born free.
They were not born to be bound by anything.
But isn’t that contrary to a warriors duty ?”

“Freedom isn’t something that you earn through suffering, or by pushing yourself hard. Also your social status or job doesn’t matter.
You must accept yourself the way you are, and live your life according to the flow of things.
That is true freedom.”
Samurai Champloo

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