Two perspectives on males providing resources to females

The notion that males must provide resources to females is a frequently encountered idea in most human cultures.

Two anime shows take very different approaches to this.

In one show, the male is offering nothing more than money, and receives nothing but the dubious pleasure of female company.
beggar3 beggar2 beggar1

In the other show, the male is risking his life to help girls get special medicines that they must take regularly in order to survive, and his payoff is that he gets to hang out with a girl who reminds him of a childhood friend.

provider3 provider2 provider1

Obviously, in the first show, the male is a cariacture of the Japanese salaryman who pays the money to make the household possible, but who gets little respect from the family.

In the second show, the male is acting like an old-fashioned male – namely threatening force in order to get reluctant women to follow his orders for their own good.

Obviously, the first show does little to threaten feminism. The message is that females are all so mind-bogglingly attractive that men must fall at their feet.

The second show is tremendously subversive. It’s only believable because the girls have no where to run, no one to protect them, and they’re truly desperate. Otherwise they would never give the time of day to a fairly weak boy who can offer nothing but his quick wits and courage.

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